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Go Make This: Chocolate Covered Katie’s Chocolate Marble Swirl Banana Bread

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Go Make This: CCK's Chocolate Marble Swirl Banana BreadRECIPE

Buying reduced bananas has its perks! Not only are they cheap but they are rarely too bad for ‘regular’ consumption. They are the perfect ripeness for snacking, smoothy-ing and have reached maximum nutritional value.

Since we noticed our co-op has the best ripe bananas we’ve been trying to buy them there.

On our last trip we grabbed 3 bunches—like we do—and one of the bunches had a few bananas that were a little bit past the ‘generous’ spots stage. They might have been in an abusive relationship with the shipping crate. This left us with a few that weren’t even good for freezing purposes.

Never fear though because a few days later I received Chocolate Covered Katie‘s latest greatest baking sensation.

Go Make This: CCK's Chocolate Marble Swirl Banana BreadChocolate Marble Swirl Banana Bread.

And I had all of the ingredients. Even better.

Banana bread is one of those sacred foods from my childhood that both my Mom and Grandma excelled at. My favorite recipe and the one they made all the time came from the Geneva Mother’s Club cookbook (during the 80s). It was oh so good. The oven warmed the house and rolled out wave after wave of delicious banana bread scent.

It was even better a few days later after it had been wrapped in a layer of saran wrap and then tinfoil. I’m not sure why but the edges turned into that gooey almost candy like texture while the inside was perfection.

Needless to say after all that but I have high standards when it comes to banana bread.

Chocolate Covered Katie’s banana bread? Oooompfh gooorrrsad mmmmmm!!

Sorry my mouth is full, it was and is FANTASTIC! and it has chocolate!

What more could you ask for?

So if you’ve been looking for an excellent banana bread recipe, here it is. I highly recommend cutting a 1/2 inch slice or a little bit less and toasting it. It’s a great way to warm the whole piece and toast the edges ever so slightly. Swoon.

Go Make This: CCK's Chocolate Marble Swirl Banana BreadNotes:

  • I didn’t have chocolate chips so I mixed up a little chocolate sauce using my 1:1:1 ratio of coconut oil, cocoa powder, and maple syrup (1 TB each)—and just added along with the recipe’s cocoa powder and hot water. Perfect!
  • The cinnamon was good but next time I’d like to try nutmeg (like my childhood).
  • At 2500 ft of elevation mine was perfectly cooked at 50 minutes.

Enjoy! xoxo

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