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Friday Review: Fruitful Yield Health Foods (Batavia, IL)

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More than a few months ago I was in Illinois for a house-sitting job and to visit with family and friends. While there I had quite a few opportunities to see exactly how plant-based (vegan) friendly the Tri-Cities area is. I was surprised by my former home area and how many options that were available. These are simply places I loved and wanted to share. Enjoy!

If you’re still driving from Batavia to Wheaton or Naperville to go to Whole Foods, stop. Fruitful Yield is right on Randall and there’s a good chance they have what you need.

Truth. I am still subscribed to some City of Batavia ‘update’ emails from when I lived and worked there. I love keeping up with what’s going on back home!

So, I was curious when I heard about Fruitful Yield. Batavia actually has a health food store? So often it’s just another fast food joint (2 recent ones being Chick-Fil-A and Golden Corral). So…good job Batavia!

Fruitful Yield is like a combination of The Vitamin Shoppe (which I frequented in Geneva) and Whole Foods. There’s a more-than-decent selection of supplements, natural beauty products (many were vegan), non-refrigerated food items, refrigerated food items, and produce.

Friday Review: Fruitful Yield Health Foods (Batavia, IL)I was incredibly impressed with their selection of non-dairy milks, yogurt, and cheese. They had all the favorite brands out there.

Friday Review: Fruitful Yield Health Foods (Batavia, IL)They even had raw food snacks from Go Raw!

Friday Review: Fruitful Yield Health Foods (Batavia, IL)As well as Hail Merry’s amazing raw food desserts, fermented sauerkraut, and miso! Miso in Batavia. I don’t even know.

Though I didn’t get a picture of the produce, they had a small but nice selection of seasonal and non-seasonal items. There were plenty of greens, cabbage, apples, and more.

While there I picked up some of Daiya’s chive and onion cream cheese, chocolate chips, deodorant, and toothpaste. If I still lived in Batavia I’m sure I would be there once a week.

Definitely add them to your errand list when you’re out amongst the Randall road craziness.

Fruitful Yield is located at 155 North Randall Road, Batavia, IL 60510. Phone: 630.897.3490 & other IL locations.

Batavia friends, have you been to Fruitful Yield yet? xo

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