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Go Make This: PPK Vegan Cornbread

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Go Make This: PPK Vegan Cornbread | Feed Your SkullLast Saturday when Jeremy made chili for our pumpkin carving party I was looking for a vegan cornbread recipe to compliment his delicious chili.

While I love oil-free cooking, I’m still convincing myself when it comes to oil-free baking. Granted I’ve made some delicious cakes but there have also been cookies that don’t seem like cookies and breads that are gooey and not right in the middle; I blame that on being oil-free.

Go Make This: PPK Vegan Cornbread | Feed Your SkullSo when I followed google’s first search result for vegan cornbread to Isa Chandra’s Post Punk Kitchen and found a minimal amount of oil in the recipe, I was A-Okay about it.

The recipe also made a cake pan’s (9×13) worth of cornbread versus the usual 8×8 square pan. Perfect for a gathering (upcoming holidays – hint hint) or when you also enjoy cornbread for dessert with a little maple syrup.

Go Make This: PPK Vegan Cornbread | Feed Your Skull

Vegan Cornbread Recipe

It was delicious and the knife slid right through. The texture is perfect. It’s been awhile but it reminded me of the Jiffy cornbread I grew up with.

Substitutions I made:

  • white whole-wheat flour for all-purpose – that’s what we had
  • regular vinegar for apple cider vinegar – I’m out of ACV

Go Make This: PPK Vegan Cornbread | Feed Your SkullSo have at it. Go make this cornbread. All of our guests loved it too.

Go Make This: PPK Vegan Cornbread | Feed Your SkullYour pan might just look like this.

Oh and I almost forgot. Happy Halloween!!!

Feed Your Skull Pumpkin CarvingThis is from the last time we carved pumpkins in 2006.

Feed Your Skull Pumpkin CarvingHere is this past Saturday. Can you guess which one is mine? Not much has changed in 7 years. hehe 🙂

Do you like sweet syrups with your cornbread? I used to LOVE love love dark karo syrup on cornbread, corn muffins, and pancakes growing up. Pure corn syrup. What’s that? 😉 Thankfully maple syrup stands in perfectly.


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