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12 Halloween Recipes from 2013 Plus 10 Things

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I thought it would be fun to do a recap of all the Halloween recipes that have been up on Feed Your Skull this month and just a few from the archives.

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Cider Spiced Pancakes | Feed Your Skull Outside In Baked Candied Apple Snack | Feed Your Skull Party Ants on a Log | Feed Your Skull Chocolate Pretzel Spider Webs and Wicker Men (vegan) | Feed Your

Vegetable Sugar Skull | Feed Your Skull Banana Ghosts | Feed Your Skull Frankenstein Guacamole Cups | Feed Your Skull Eye of Goblin Matcha Punch

Feed Your Skull a Snack: Apple Monster Mouth Witch Chips with Garlic and Curry Dipping Sauces | Feed Your Sku 20121018_CCK Healthy Butterfingers_01 20111012_Pumpkin Nog_003

10 Things

  1. Jeremy and I have rotated making morning smoothies—best idea ever.


2. I mapped out November’s editorial schedule. I barely recognize myself 😉

3. I finally remembered to soak beans for cooking before going to bed Monday night and we once again have beans in the freezer! Black, kidney, garbanzo, and pinto.

Trail Trail

4. Even though I was recovering from my cold this week, I made sure to get out for about half the walks I normally do. I’m starting to see more frost in the morning and a huge color change in the surrounding foliage.

SquashArt5. I made some ‘fries’ (similar to this method) using a butternut squash we picked up from J’s co-worker and LOVED the resulting artwork. I meant to save it and attach it to a canvas with gel medium but then ended up tossing it before company arrived.

Pumpkins6. We had friends over and carved pumpkins last night! Jeremy and I haven’t carved pumpkins since 2006? Crazy! It was such a great time. Jeremy made crock pot chili with secret ingredients peanut butter and ginger and I made cornbread.

7. We finally caught up on Revenge, a show we love to love and hate.


8. It was my Grandma’s birthday on Thursday! This gorgeous woman makes her own nut milks every week, walks twice a day with Gramps and loves my oranges with cinnamon snack. For awhile she was eating them every day – I wonder if she still does this? Happy Birthday Grandma!

9. I moved my jewelry making from the living room floor into my office. It had been there for a few weeks. It feels much more organized now and on a table and out of the way.

10. And on a sad note, I lost someone from the neighborhood clan I grew up with this week. She was in her early 20s and I just can’t believe she is gone. We’ve known each other for so much of our lives. I remember when they moved in next door and I became baby-sitter for her and her siblings. We always had such a great time playing with their pets and watching Doug or Rugrats. Addiction is a heady thing and there are so many misconceptions that go with it. I think the most important thing is to not let it define those we love—they are people—fellow human beings—so much more than a societal stigma.

I love you all and hope you have a great week ahead. xoxo

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