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Friday Review: Tea Savant Tea

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Tea Savant Tea Review | Feed Your Skull

Today I’m reviewing my favorite warm drink of all time. Tea!

For those of us entering the fall equinox on Sunday this review couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time.

Meet Tea Savant! We connected on twitter and I was immediately drawn into their site and perusing all of the delicious sounding teas. I ordered a kit right away to have sent to a friend for her bridal shower I was unable to attend – it was a mad hatter tea party theme too. Synchronicity.

I asked if they’d be willing to send me a sample to review for FYS and they generously sent me three teas.

Three lusciously fragrant teas. Down the rabbit hole we go.

A little bit about Tea Savant:

“Simply put, we love tea! We love the variety, the feel, the taste, the aroma and the wonderful experience of drinking tea. We have been tea drinkers for years, but once we experienced the joy of loose-leaf tea … steeping the tea, taking in the breathtaking aroma, the fresh and invigorating flavor … we began our love affair with tea and the journey that brought us to the creation of Tea Savant. Our mission is to produce the best premium grade tea, which we personally source from the finest and freshest tea crops. Our tea is 100% premium whole leaf tea, our collection spans 80 classic teas and tea blends and herbals, and we constantly add new teas and products, to keep our selections fresh and exciting. We invite you to join our the Tea Savant community of dedicated tea lovers, and contribute to the conversation about everything tea. “

First up is: Organic Evening Stroll (caffeine free)

Tea Savant Tea Review | Feed Your Skull

Product Description:

“Our original all herbal blend is lightly sweet, fresh, and juicy. The dry fragrance of floral and lemon myrtle is simply delightful and will dance through the air. The wet steep gives off notes of roses and chamomile. This cup is a sublime journey on a spring evening; truly, a pleasure to sip.”

Ingredients: Tulsi, rose petals, lemon myrtle, chamomile, coconut, stevia, extracts, organic

Tea Savant Tea Review | Feed Your SkullOn first smell I thought I detected peppermint which is sadly my least favorite tea. Upon taking my first sip I was surprised at how much I loved the flavor and didn’t taste any peppermint, as it turned out there wasn’t any peppermint in the tea.

Evening Stroll is light in color, much like a white tea and has a creamy mouth-feel which I think is the coconut. The first ingredient is tulsi which I think is also a name for Holy Basil an adaptogen herb that’s received a lot of attention for it’s antioxidant levels and anti-inflammatory powers.

I loved this tea and cupping my cold hands around the mug to warm me up while taking sip after sip.

Next up is Mandarin Savant (4 out of 5 caffeine rating)

Tea Savant Tea Review | Feed Your Skull

Product Description:

“Rich aromatic premium grade black tea, tree ripened navel oranges, and tangy bits of rind, achieve a mouth watering masterpiece. Sprigs of healthful calendula grace this cup with the warmth of summer. This tea is perfect for anytime. Add in some of our orange blossom honey, or, drink it iced with a sprig of fresh mint. This will become the tea you reach for.”

Ingredients: Black tea, orange peel, calendula, kosher

Tea Savant Tea Review | Feed Your SkullI am a fan of all the quintessential ‘orange spice’ type teas and looked forward to trying this one. It was fragrant with the scent of oranges and just a hint of bitters from the rind.

Yes you do see a nylon in the above photo.  You can make multiple tea bags or nut milk bags using brand new $1.29 nylons. 🙂

It did not disappoint. A perfect blend of loose leaf black tea and citrus that is nice and light on the tongue. Delicious!

One thing I am loving about all their teas is that they are not perfume-y tasting for how naturally beautiful they smell. There is nothing worse than buying a tea you end up believing to be mislabeled potpourri.

Last but not least, possibly definitely my favorite, Strawberry Rose (5 out of 5 caffeine rating)

Tea Savant Tea Review | Feed Your SkullProduct Description:

“We have taken the smooth character of this black tea to high elevations: premium tea coupled with romantic rose petals and strawberries blushing each cup. Each sip is filled with joyful flavors and aromas. Our perfect strawberry rose blend is an exceptional tea and is delicious served hot and iced.”

Ingredients: Black tea, strawberries, rose petals, extracts, kosher

Tea Savant Tea Review | Feed Your SkullI can’t remember the exact location in Portland I had rose tea for the first time but it forever changed my tea drinking world. Rose petals in tea are nirvana.

This tea is definitely my new favorite tea. You can smell and see the rose petals as well as dried strawberries. It smells like spring when all the blossoms are bursting from the trees.

Similar to the mandarin tea it is nice and light for a black tea. Is it just that I brewed it correctly or maybe the rose and berry tones are mellowing it out?

I don’t know, but I love it.

These are gorgeous teas and I can’t help but think Anne Shirley would be a fan too. While writing this I was getting super sentimental for PEI and all things Anne Shirley. We were just there last year and I am missing it big time right now.

So I will leave you with 2 pics from then and an Anne quote.

Prince Edward Island | Feed Your Skull

The house that inspired Anne of Green Gables for Lucy Maud Montgomery. Gah! I’m having fan-girl palpitations as I type this.

Prince Edward Island | Feed Your Skull

This was taken on one of the island’s shores. All I could think of—the entire trip—was Megan Follows as Anne. There’s a moment where she’s standing with Diana on the cliffside and the grasses are blowing around their skirts. Swoon.

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Thank you for reading this week’s review! Follow Tea Savant on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for exclusive product updates, promotions and giveaways – they are the swee’tea’est. xo

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