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Friday Review: O’ Sole Mio Gelato (Batavia, IL)

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O Sole Mio GelatoMore than a few months ago I was in Illinois for a house-sitting job and to visit with family and friends. While there I had quite a few opportunities to see exactly what I could eat that was plant-based (vegan) while out socializing at local but suburban restaurants. I was surprised by my former home area and how many options that were available. These are simply meals I loved and places I wanted to share, I was not compensated for sharing. Enjoy!

Today I bring you Gelato. Gelato from my hometown Batavia, IL. The land of windmills, Fermi Lab, and the scenic Fox River.

I think it was June when we went to O’ Sole Mio Gelato, an adorable gelato-cafe-bar nestled next to Pal Joey’s pizza place and across the street from Tusk, my favorite Thai restaurant ever.  The trees had bloomed and it was beautiful weather to walk the mile or so downtown.

Jeremy, our friend Alma, and I met our former neighbor/friend/landlord for a catch-up session over dessert.

Arriving there I wasn’t too sure what my options were but I’m getting used to asking with a smile.

O Sole Mio GelatoNot only did they have dessert without milk/dairy/animal in them but they had a whole section of fruit-based gelato.

You must be thinking, how did I not order one of everything. It was hard, but mango and lemon won when I found out I could have 2 flavors in my cup.

O Sole Mio GelatoThe gelato was everything you could hope for on a hot summer in the midwest—sweet, tart and full of fruit flavor versus a sugar flavor. I was in heaven.

130623OSoleMio-4Sugar (Alma’s dog) was happy too. She was able to wimper and beg in hopes that we (as well as tables near by) would begrudgingly share our food with her. The nice waitress brought her a water dish instead. 😉

If you have a gelato place near you, check and see what fruit-based choices they have! Definitely check O’ Sole Mio out if you are in the Batavia area and help support the downtown businesses. Enjoy a stroll on the riverwalk while you are there.

O’ Sole Mio is located at 27 N River St, Batavia, IL 60510. Phone: 630.454.4536

What is your favorite gelato flavor? 


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