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Go Make This: Eggless Salad by Happy Herbivore

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Happy Herbivore Eggless SaladThis right here is one of my absolute favorite Happy Herbivore recipes, Eggless Salad.

As you can imagine it is the vegan spin on egg salad sandwiches made with tofu. Let me tell you, it is so damn tasty that the first night I made this Jeremy had a second sandwich just to have the taste again. The second time I made it, still tasty and the third time I made it I doubled the recipe so we could have sandwiches for days—at least a few days.

Recipe HERE on the Happy Herbivore site and also HERE in her book.

Happy Herbivore Eggless SaladI stay on point with the recipe except I think I add green onions sometimes. Mmmm.

Happy Herbivore Eggless Salad

Placed on salted french bread from the co-op with green leaf lettuce. Yes please.

Happy Herbivore Eggless SaladWe had friends over for dinner this night and they LOVED it.

If you’re not big on vegan mayo, use standard hummus instead maybe adding a tablespoon extra.

These pictures were food porn, right?


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  1. Lorrie Roa says:

    I love egg salad (and potato salad!) and your recipe sounds great (not to mention it looks STUNNING). I’ve pinned it, and I’ll be looking for an opportunity to try it out!