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How to Make Lavender Sachet Bags

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DIY: Lavender Sachet BagsDo you have lavender growing on your property? Today’s DIY is meant for you!

I made lavender sachet bags this last week and they are seriously the most heavenly smelling project ever.

This DIY project was great for a couple of reasons.

  1. They freshen up almost anything, in our case it was the 90+ year old dresser we bought at the thrift store.
  2. Very inexpensive; I only paid for the muslin bags
  3. I used the dehydrator to dry my lavender which meant 2-4 hours versus weeks of hanging the lavender.

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Dried lavender
  • Acrylic paints (optional)
  • Sponges or paint brushes
  • Muslin bags, can be found in the wedding section at Michaels or on Amazon (25 count & 100 count)

DIY: Lavender Sachet Bags

  1. Using scissors remove stalks of lavender from the plant.
  2. Remove any remaining stem and place on a dehydrator tray fitted with the mesh and teflex sheet
  3. Dehydrate at 110F for 2-4 hours or until lavender is dry—this will also ‘freshen’ your house at the same time – May also be bundled together and hung upside down in a dry area for 2-3 weeks or until dry
  4. While the lavender is dehydrating decorate—or don’t—the muslin bags
  5. Remove lavender and break into a bowl or leave on the ‘pod’ as is – either way is fine
  6. When paint is dry, fill the bags with lavender buds or ‘pods’ until full
  7. Pull the muslin drawstring tight and secure with a simple knot
  8. Freshen up drawers, closets, etc or give away to friends!


You get to learn from my kinda mistakes, I left the stem on – you shouldn’t – they take up extra space and get tangled with other stems and I realized that the teflex sheet would be perfect to catch any pieces that fall off.

DIY: Lavender Sachet Bags

There are countless ways the bags could be decorated. Be creative.

DIY: Lavender Sachet Bags

Breathe in!

DIY: Lavender Sachet BagsEnjoy!

What ways do you use fresh lavender? I would love to try it in cooking next!



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