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Feed Your Skull a Snack|Tuxedo Sweet Potato

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Tuxedo Sweet PotatoWho else could munch on a plain steamed sweet potato? I know I could!

Today’s quickie post adds a tiny bit of dessert naughtiness to our favorite sweet potato.

I know it will inspire you to go out and eat a delicious and very nutritious tuxedo sweet potato snack. Sometime this week. Do it!

Steam, bake/roast, or microwave your sweet potato. Leave the skin on for extra nutrients and fiber.

Once tender, spread a little coconut butter and top with a few of your favorite dairy-free chocolate chips!

Eat one half in the morning and one in the afternoon. Your stomach will thank you as will your sweet tooth.

Tuxedo Sweet Potato

Everyone wins!

Now go Feed Your Skull a snack.


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