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Include Your Twitter Handle and New Topics at Feed Your Skull

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Walk This WayI recently decided I had other stuff besides food that I am excited to talk about with you. Welcome to my first post in the ‘Bloggy Stuff’ category. In fact, I’ve created a few other categories that I will be adding to from here on out, like: Reviews (books, movies, products), my journey to writing an e-book, my journey learning code, and travel stories. I look forward to these new installments and hearing from you. As always, thank you so much for stopping by. xoxo

Some time over the last 6 months I began subscribing to MomComm, a bloggy writing tip/advice site. I found her site while searching for a problem I was having with Pinterest. Funny enough it was about Pinterest’s searching functionality or lack thereof.

The helpful post was, Pinterest Search: Why It Sucks and How You Can Improve It. I haven’t really tried any harder with Pinterest but her post relieved the angst I was having at the time so I subscribed.

As it often happens, I have great intentions when I subscribe to a blog. I will read the email.  I will read the email. I will read the email. But then something happens – maybe laziness – and I don’t read the emails. Many emails went by, with only cursory glances but then I opened one titled, Seven Mistakes Even Nice-Looking Blogs Make. It just reaffirmed why I subscribed in the first place – great advice.

The one that stood out the most was her tip regarding sharing buttons – which most bloggers have – it’s a fab ‘word of mouth’ tool.

“If you want people to share your blog posts, by all means make it easy to do so! Most people have a way to share and tweet a post, but Pinterest is still often left out. As someone who works for a brand, many companies will NOT pin a post of yours unless you have a PinIt button of some sort. Having this implies permission to pin so companies feel like it’s less of a risk to run into copyright issues. Also, if you use a Tweet button of some sort, include your Twitter handle in the tweet it creates!”

Which brings me to ‘Include Your Twitter Handle in the Tweet it Creates’. Feed Your Skull is powered by WordPress and I do have the Simple Social Buttons plug-in, but did I have my handle in there? No.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 3.03.33 PM

I should though and it was super easy to do. Simply go to the plug-in and right there at the very bottom, add in your twitter handle.

Then next time someone shares a post using the share buttons, it will look like this. Letting you know, so you can reply, favorite, or retweet.

Twitter Handle

Easy! P.s. You don’t need to be a mom to subscribe to MomComm 😉

If you are a WordPress blogger, what social button plug-in do you use?

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