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How to Cut Mini Peppers Quickly and Seinfeld

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How to Cut Mini Peppers QuicklyToday’s tip, how to cut mini peppers quickly will save you time and may even leave you dreading recipe prep a little bit less. I know you’re not lazy, it’s just one of those things and this will help – I promise.

Well, last night I was making a recipe that called for 2 peppers and I decided instead to use 8-10 mini peppers, as that’s what we had on hand. I started by removing the stem, cutting long thin slices, stacking them up and making cuts. Oh. My. Goodness. It seemed to take forever just to get 2 very mini peppers done and I was fighting the clock because I had already started water sautéing the onions and the time was rapidly approaching where I needed to add the peppers to the party.

Then I realized I could use the same trick I do with onions and pepper-ply it. Apply it to peppers that is. And the great thing about mini peppers besides cuteness is they have hardly any seeds, so another step saved because there’s no seeds to remove.

How to Cut Mini Peppers Quickly

Start by making approximately 3 long cuts on the wide side of the pepper all the way through to the other side. The width of the cuts will depend on if you want large or small chopped/diced pieces.


Flip the pepper on it’s side and make 1-2 long cuts all the way through. They should be looking like jelly fish right about now.

How to Cut Mini Peppers Quickly

Stack them up and proceed with dicing, chopping, or mincing. Thanks to the stem, all the little ‘legs’ stay together and well stacked, making for quick, easy, and uniform chopping.

How to Cut Mini Peppers Quickly

Ready to be scooped into your dish.

How to Cut Mini Peppers Quickly

How to Cut Mini Peppers Quickly

So next time you see that clutch of beautifully colored peppers, snatch it up! They make great snacking vessels and are even perfect for munching on while watching tv. And now thanks to this trick, I will even use them in recipes.

Let’s not forget I wanted to mention Seinfeld, a show I greatly under-appreciated while it was on the air (I was young) and didn’t watch until it was in the beloved 6pm and 10pm rerun time slots on FOX.  So much hilariousness that I know some day I will have to watch the series all the way through.

Yesterday I was working on my ‘final’ project for an online x/html class I’m taking. Our project is to create a 5-8 page website from scratch (!) and of course mine is about fruit and vegetables. I was looking for a quote about mangos in order to practice using the code for block quotes. Instead, I came across this page of Seinfeld quotes. It looked so interesting that I searched google to see if I could find a clip of the episode to watch.

This clip is from the episode, The Mango, and is about when Kramer tries to return a ‘bad’ peach to his favorite city fruit stand, get’s banned from the store and so on. Trust me. Hilarious. They’ve disabled embedding the video, but please follow the link to youtube and watch it there. I promise you will laugh and maybe even cry while laughing. I definitely laughed out loud. Never found my mango quote but that’s okay. 😉

Did you watch Seinfeld? What was your favorite episode? xoxo

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  1. Bree says:

    I was thinking about putting these lovely snacks into a salad, but wasn’t wanting a ton of hassle. Thanks for the tip!