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Homemade Fermented Sriracha

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Homemade SrirachaOver a year ago I came across this DIY Sriracha post from Bonzai Aphrodite. Homemade fermented sriracha?! Sounds right up my alley! I managed to keep this idea floating about in my mentalscape even though so much time has passed.

Homemade Sriracha

20130104_Homemade Sriracha_001 20130104_Homemade Sriracha_002

I tackled this project last week.

Homemade SrirachaI followed her recipe except I added an additional several cloves of garlic and used the Perfect Pickler. (The second time around I just covered it with a ventilated pastry bag.)

20130104_Homemade Sriracha_004

Similar to how I cover my sauerkraut with cabbage in the crock, I used the lid of the Perfect Pickler to cut a round shaped cabbage ‘lid’ and used that to submerge the chili puree. The little tin cup was placed on top of the cabbage round, additional acv was added, and the lid secured. I fermented the suggested 4 days and was very excited to open it last Monday night. Everything looked perfect inside. So perfect that I even ate the cabbage leaf. Slowly though, it was spicy!

20130108_How to Cook Beans_009

End result? Delicious perfection! I like to use about a tablespoon because I love spicy. Jeremy, who is still ‘building’ his spicy tolerance, uses much less but still enjoys it.

If you need even more convincing to make this, after I shared the link to her recipe on the FYS facebook page, 2 people commented that they make her recipe all the time. Enough said. 🙂


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  1. Scott says:

    Have you ever made Sriracha sauerkraut? I’ve thought that this would be great to ferment together instead of individually. I’ve had the store brand of sriracha sauerkraut made by Saverne & it is fantastic.

    I’d love to make this but am waiting for my fermentation jar with weights to arrive. Any advice for fermenting them together for a newbie?