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How to Make a Citrus Peel Garnish

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Mimi Kirk’s Cranberry Orange Relish

This week I’m going to try to stay away from recipes as I know many of us are pepping and prepping for Thanksgiving Day celebrations. Today I’d like to share how to make a citrus peel garnish, it’s an easy but decorative way to add pieces of flair 😉 to your holiday side dish. This could work for lemons and limes but today I’m using an orange. Which is perfect if you are making a cranberry relish with orange zest or juice.

Grab a vegetable peeler and peel as wide and long of a strip as you can. If the recipe you’re making calls for orange, do this step before cutting into the orange.

Flatten the strip of citrus peel out on the cutting board.

Using a knife, make long thin slices.

If the strips are shapely enough they could be simply arranged in a sun fan on the top of the dish. Or….

We can harness some Dr. Seuss and make beautiful little citrus swirl curls. Take the strip and wrap it around your smallest finger or a clean pen or pencil. You have a curly cue fitting for Whoville’s Cindy Lou.

Apply just a little bit of pressure when the curls are tightly wound and they will hold their shape, unfurling slightly.

Lastly, arrange in the dish. Voila!

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