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A Look at Halloweens Past

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I still haven’t decided on a costume for this year. It’s not that I dress up every year or can remember the last costume – oh, wait it was a 20s flapper – but with less than a week until the party we’re going to, I feel like I need to get crackin’. So, I started looking through Halloween pictures to promote inspiration. I can’t say that I’ve been inspired but I have laughed.

Starting left to right at the top I was a hobo, a jester, a pumpkin, a neon faced leopard, a skeleton, a Spanish harlot (okay I’m really not sure), not sure again but my brother and I were trick or treating, and last but not least being myself from high school 2 years after high school. That last one was an easy costume because it wasn’t really a costume. I LOVED going to work dressed like that it was so much fun.

I learned something new about myself though, that I think I’ve liked skulls even longer than I knew. 🙂

What have been some of your favorite halloween costumes? What are you going to be this year? (if you want to share)


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