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Gilligan’s Island’s Ginger Grant an Early Promoter of Raw Food Makeup

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Did you know a raw food beauty tip was included in a prime time television show 48 years ago? Ginger Grant, the island beauty guru shares her tips in the above video. Love it!

This episode of Gilligan’s Island is from 1964 and even though I have many drugstore cosmetics taking up space in my closet, I love the simplicity Ginger adapted to while stranded on the island. We could all learn a thing or three. Not only is fruit natural (duh) but it also contains many antioxidants especially berries. Hat tip, our skin loves antioxidants.

Megan Elizabeth with Easy to Be Raw is teaching the same valuable lesson. She adds spirulina into the mix for eyeliner, eyebrow darkener, and as mascara. Genius!

What are some natural ingredients you incorporate into your beauty routine? I have been using coconut oil as my facial moisturizer for the last 2-3 years and LOVE it. I’m trying to get better at using it as a body lotion also.


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  1. Helen McConnell says:

    Love the Gilligan’s Island clip and Megan Elizabeth! I’m going to start creating natural makeup in my colors!