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Opening Our 6th Batch of Raw Fermented Sauerkraut

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Yesterday I opened our 6th batch of sauerkraut that fermented for 6 weeks. No more 6 references after that though we don’t want this to get scary. We still have a month and a half until Halloween. I broke 2 ‘first time’ barriers with this batch, it was the first time doing a 6 week ferment and my first time using just cabbage.

Mixing it up proved very successful. I honestly can’t guarantee I’ll have enough patience to wait 6 weeks again but it was fun to try and the time passed quickly enough. If you want to read more about my kraut making experience, check out this how to.

Meet yesterday’s delicious sandwich using some of the newly opened sauerkraut. The sauerkraut is nestled between copious amounts of mixed greens and spinach, red onion, spicy mustard, tomato and soy cheese between 2 slices of toasted whole grain bread. Want to make this pure divinity? Sub the soy cheese for slices of avocado, it will be sure to put you over the edge.

I feel like I need to go through a jar before I can explain the difference in flavors from a 3 to a 6 week but at first taste, it reminded me more of the sauerkraut that is a terrific companion to the Reuben sandwich. After a long ferment like this I thought for sure it would be extra pickle-y or pungent (in a good way) but was instead surprised by the mellow but wonderful flavor.

Jeremy’s review is this, he agrees with the mellow goodness and said that taking the first bite is how he imagines all sauerkraut should taste and was extremely happy having those expectations met. He will often quote his early experience of sauerkraut tasting in Iowa’s Amana Colonies with disdain and a dose of disgust. A moment in time that forever turned him off of sauerkraut. Thankfully this last year and 6 batches of sauerkraut later he is a HUGE fan. 🙂

It’s funny  because I always liked sauerkraut but never loved it. I think that’s because I only thought there were 2 ways to enjoy it – with corned beef (which I’ve never liked, all those strings of fat) or a gelatinous sausage of sorts. Who knew I would be inspired to use it in all these ways. It’s fun to take a moment and observe our own evolution and those close by.

And we’re still saving heaps of money making our own delicious immune boosting sauerkraut.



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