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Leftover Cashew Cheese? Make Kale Chips!

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I’m going through ALL of my photos to try to archive and categorize ones I haven’t done anything with because it’s really hard for me to just ‘scrap’ something, especially a good idea. This idea is almost a year old!

Last year for my birthday Jeremy asked me what I wanted, I requested a homemade raw food dinner. Sounds delicious and challenging right? A true test of love. He even wrote a post. 🙂

He made Mimi Kirk’s ‘Nachos This Side of the Border’ from her wonderful book Live Raw. At the time I had no idea what recipe or even what book or site he was going to use. I even went with him to the grocery store and could NOT guess at what he was making. I guessed corn chowder at one point. Lol we devoured the hell out of those nachos. They were fantastic and he did a fantastic job!

That night or the next day we ran out of chips but had a decent amount of leftover ‘nacho’ cheese. We also had kale, what better to make than kale chips??

Just mix the cheese and large chopped pieces of de-stemmed kale, place them on a mesh screen dehydrator tray and dehydrate until crispy, usually 4-8 hours at 105F.

So if you ever find yourself with extra cheese make some delicious kale chips!

Do you ever pick acts, trips, or outings for birthday gifts instead of an actual present?


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