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Feed Your Skull iPhone 4 Case Available!!

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I shared these pictures on my instagram feed in the last couple of months and I had more than a few requests wondering where I got my iPhone case. Cute isn’t it?

Flattered doesn’t even begin to describe how it feels to hear when somebody loves the Feed Your Skull logo, whether they know it is my site logo or not.

In the first picture I was really excited to show of my latest threadless.com buy. A cute happy watermelon carving himself a huge happy smile while brandishing the knife in his other hand. So many plays on hilarity. So true too, if we want to smile, we have to take matters into our own hands and get it done. Thankfully we don’t need a knife to accomplish this, just work the muscles a bit more near our mouth hole.

The FYS skull is the first BIG artwork I’ve done in a long time and the first time using technology as my medium. Don’t think it was effortless either. I threw tantrums, stopped showering, yelled to the walls, and talked to myself.  It was is beyond frustrating learning a new media, like photoshop for the first time. On your own. Especially when you have this idea in your head but have no clue how to bring it to fruition (haha fruit pun). I feel like I’ve only scratched the first 2% of what it can do. Sigh. Youtube was huge in any of the bits I learned especially IceFlowStudios’ channel. His videos are usually shorter between 2 and 10 minutes, and extremely well narrated and thought out.

In high school I doodled, sketched, and painted constantly and took a TON of art classes. All of that ceased when I entered college and the job force. We all do it to some extent, the putting of things aside that you don’t think have value or will contribute to your future. I lost about 8-10 years of practicing art just because I didn’t make the time for it. So sad really. For me taking that big of a break between drawing or sketching and then coming back to it was almost like learning to write for the first time. Such a frustrating feeling.

It’s necessary to let your frustration of a rusty talent go and then make the effort to keep practicing on a regular basis. It’s just like all the things in life we know we should do because the sense of calm, peace, or health they would bring us but choose not to. Read: yoga, meditation, art, physical activity routine, reading, etc Lets quit avoiding ourselves, shall we? If we bring happiness into our life by creating it like the watermelon, it only serves to pass forward in the same positive to others that interact with you. Right? Yes. So pick up something you set aside that makes you happy, even if you can only dedicate 5 minutes a day, it’s a start. I’ll try to keep taking my own advice too.

The second picture above is showing how I cut the neckline in almost all of my crew neck shirts. I just like the way it looks, so far none of the shirts have fallen apart, hopefully it’s not a matter of time. I just cut around the collar in a boat neck fashion or follow the crew collar but on a wider scale.

Back to the case…

I created this case, just for me, by uploading one version of the Feed Your Skull logo to case-mate.com.

After all of the requests received, I excitedly bent to the task of figuring out how to make it available for purchase. Within 24 hours a Feed Your Skull Zazzle store was up and running. Amazing. I’ve also added buttons because everybody loves buttons! And they’re cheap.

It wasn’t too long before I was tagged in a picture by my first customer, an instagram friend!

How exciting! XOXO

Takeaways? Do things that make you happy and bring you joy. Smile. Smile a lot. Feed Your Skull. Watermelons with knives are cute. Buy a case or button or a shirt? 😉

Just had to create this real life tribute to my favorite threadless t-shirt! Hehe. Was sriracha involved? Perhaps, after all sriracha always makes me smile 🙂


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