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Wood Floors and Wheat Grass

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Yesterday I was scolded for not wearing socks in our new apartment’s wood floors after receiving a splinter in my heel. Who wears socks on wood floors though? I’m certainly not going to! A wood floor feels amazing underfoot, especially a barefoot foot. This is also the first time with ‘our’ own wood floors – yeah not passing up on this opportunity.

The only reason I got the teeniest bit of chiding was because I squealed rather loudly and then required help. See the splinter decided to go in my right heel but so far to the outer edge that I couldn’t see it with my poor flexibility. Dang. If only I was more flexible and able to grab it. Must get into a regular yoga routine.

Did I mention there was blood, he probably didn’t like that part either. 😉 I have a band-aid on now and I’m back to barefoot because there’s really no other way.

Now for the wheatgrass! I recently tried a fresh shot of wheat grass for the first time. I know, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t had one already either. I was given a chaser of fresh apple juice too…just in case.

I was pushed to try this after another instagram user mentioned it was like drinking sweet dirt. I was so disappointed to hear that as I look forward to juicing my own someday. When I saw that Energy Bar carried it, I knew I had to order one. I took the obligatory photo and then just stared at it. I said c’mon it’s gotta be better than a shot of whiskey and it was! It was super delicious. It reminded me of sugar snap peas, if you were to extract their juice. The owner said everyone kind of tastes something different. Perhaps all the kale, swiss chard, green powders have prepped me proper or I just had really low expectations. Either way.

I can’t wait to grow my own and have a shot in the morning.

If you’re in Portland and happen to be near Portland State University, you must stop at the The Energy Bar at 1431 Southwest Park Avenue. They have a wide variety of delicious and fresh made goodies like fruit and veg juice, smoothies, hummus veggie sandwiches, baklava, coffee, and fresh pressed wheat grass!

A kale, parsley, something something juice was also enjoyed. mmmm

Before the wheat grass, we met with friends to hit up the PSU farmer’s market which is just south of the Energy Bar. I brought some pecans and dates in case I became peckish because once again I didn’t leave myself time to enjoy a proper smoothie breakfast before leaving that morning. Our friends brought me us fresh collard leaves from their garden so when hunger reared its ugly head, I created a simple but satisfying wrap of a collard leaf and a pitted date or two. This held me over fine until I located the mini raw key lime pies that were being sold.

I’ll leave you with one more Portland shot, from this past weekend…a nice one… of the Steel Bridge in full rise.

Have you tried a wheat grass shot before? Thoughts?


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