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What Do You Do With 10 Pineapples?

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You might remember last week I was giddy over acquiring 10 pineapples for the low cost of $10. I just wanted to check back in and show you what I did with them, because now is the time to pay attention to the deals at your grocery store and farmer’s markets for the best savings. Grab them up and eat them, freeze them, smoothie them, and maybe even dehydrate them.

I bought the pineapples on Monday and by Thursday they were the perfect ripeness for cutting. Freezing them in the way I demonstrate ensures you won’t find a softball sized clump of pineapple that is difficult to break apart. These pieces will just tumble out of your bag and into your blender.

I started by grabbing my baking sheet and placing a layer of wax paper down – I’m sure cling wrap or parchment would suffice too. You want a layer in between the pineapple and metal surface that ensures an easy removal of the pineapple.

Using any of the ways I’ve shared for cutting pineapple (using a pineapple corer or a knife), once you have your wedges or cubes, try to place them so they won’t stick together once frozen.

Place another layer of wax paper on top of the pineapple and proceed with another layer. I was able to freeze 3 layers at a time without incident. Whew!

Find a way to balance the tray in your freezer. For time’s sake I took the picture without the 3rd layer. Freeze 2-6 hours before removing them from the wax paper and placing them in Ziploc bags.

10 pineapples filled up 2, gallon sized bags and we still probably had 8+ cups in the fridge for smoothies and snacking.

So check the deals in your area! One FYS friend, Victoria, took advantage of the low price of cherries and bought a box. Now that’s what I’m talking about! She is probably pitting and freezing hers as we speak. It’s a great way to enjoy beautiful and ripe fruit all year round (if they are not eaten by then).

What will be going in your freezer? I think I’m going to have to follow Victoria’s lead and take advantage of our $1.48/lb cherries. Maybe Fred Meyer has a ‘bulk’ discount for buying by the crate/box.



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