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Simple Watermelon Smoothie

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Ready for a true summer smoothie? One that is going to dance on your tongue and replenish and hydrate your body? This simple all watermelon smoothie is for you!

Smoothifying an entire watermelon makes a hell of a lot of smoothie! 146oz to be exact. I was scavenging the cabinets trying to find large enough jars to store all of this hydrating beautifying mess. A big pitcher would be perfect.

I don’t have advice as to how much you should drink in one sitting or one day. I drank about 3/4 of my supply by early evening and finished up the rest before dinner.

Watermelon Chatter:

  • They contain 6% sugar and 92% water by weight…not sure what composes the remaining 2%
  • In China the rind is commonly used in stir fries, stews, or even pickled
  • Great source of lycopene, which has been shown to prevent cancer
  • Take up to 85 days to grow and mature
  • Farmers in Japan developed a way to easily stack watermelon by growing them in glass boxes giving them a cubic shape
  • Great after a workout due to their water and sodium balance

Simple Watermelon Smoothie

    This is an incredibly easy smoothie and so sweet and hydrating. Any blender can conquer this task and no additional liquid is needed.

    This makes 146 oz of watermelon smoothie. Nutritional information for all 146oz (about 7.5lb of watermelon) is:

    Calories: 1157 - Fat: 6g - Fiber: 15g - Protein: 24g - Vitamin A: 72% - Vitamin C: 521% - Iron: 51% - Calcium: 27% - Zinc: 26% - Selenium: 22% - Potassium: 123% - Magnesium: 96% - Copper: 81% - and even B vitamins!


    • 1 large watermelon (rind removed), cut into chunks
    • dash of salt (optional)


    1. Fill your blender container 3/4 full and process until smooth, empty into a pitcher and repeat until all of the watermelon is blended.

    I’ve officially earned my Blendtec BAM badge. After over 1500 professional uses, I had a fabulous misfire today painting the wall, stove, and part of the power strip. I then adjusted the recipe to only fill the blender 3/4 full…hahaha!

    Who else has earned their BAM badge?


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