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Happy Friday from the Coast

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So, here we are, on the Oregon Coast. Jeremy received a few unpaid days off of work after completing his latest projects that involved 266 hours for the month of March. Hence, we decided to spend 2 nights on the coast!

We left downtown Portland after renting a car yesterday and were pleasantly greeted by a beautiful sunny beach.

We brought some fresh veggies and fruit along. This morning’s breakfast, for me, was 3 grapefruits. It was both refreshing and filling. Have you seen this silicon collapsible camping dishes? They have a hard bottom (which is great as a cutting board) and hold both warm and cold meals. We have brought them on many many travel/camping trips.

Last night brought about temptations and unfortunately I did not eat some fruit but bought some So Delicious Almond Mocha Fudge ice cream – a good choice in the end and I barely ate a quarter of it, but there were cookies too, not pictured. 😉

Also happy about our camping silverware, they are plastic but sturdy and completely transportable and reusable.

From our walk on the beach last night, fun starfish street lights. There are many real and very large starfish on the Oregon coast. I saw starfish for the first time in my life last year. They are beautiful!

Off for a hike! xoxo

What are your favorite camping travel supplies?

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  1. AngelaGalvan8 says:

    We always have a little hatchet with us. It comes in so handy to break up firewood, and is much more portable than an axe! We do use paper plates most of the time. When we’re finished eating, they turn into kindling for the fire, and then we don’t have to worry about trying to wash all of our dishes. Camping soap is expensive, and a lot of other dishwasher soaps aren’t all that environmentally friendly. It sounds like you two had a great get-away!!!