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My Favorite Youtube Channels and a Low-Fat Raw Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo Inspiration

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So, lets talk about youtube.

The above deliciousness (Raw Vegan Low Fat Fettuccine Alfredo) is inspired from Kristina at Fully Raw and one of her latest videos.

I spiralized 1 1/2 peeled zucchinis and mixed it with some thinly sliced spinach. Put the leftover 1/2 of zucchini, 1 tablespoon pine nuts, couple basil leaves, sprinkle of dried sage, and salt in a blender and blended until smooth and creamy. Combine with noodles and spinach and toss to coat. Garnish with fresh ground pepper and fresh basil. This was very good!

See what good can come from youtube??

I have a few favorite channels and they’ve become my favorite channels for the following reasons:

  • They amuse me or educate me in some way
  • The channel is consistently updated (weekly, daily, etc)
  • Video content stays on topic
  • It’s FREE!

My top favorite channels are:

  • Blogilates and here – Go here for the most amazing, kick your ass, sweat your ass, and reform your body workouts. Most of them are 10 minutes and are perfectly constructed and 99% of the time they only rely on your own body weight (no extra equipment needed). While you are sweating and thinking about dropping to the floor Cassey is talking and distracting you through the pain. It’s wonderful.

  • My Drunk Kitchen – Go meet Hannah Hart, she will make you laugh and feel good about life again – while drinking and cooking. She has even made a raw vegan cheesecake!
  • Dara Dubinet – Your very own raw food kitchen show. Dara is always in the kitchen (daily) showing you how she thinks through a meal, based on what she has on hand and what she’s craving – intuitive un-cooking if you will – my kind of cooking!
  • Fully Raw – I’ve just discovered Kristina with Fully Raw and I love her, she’s bright, happy and inspiring all while working with TONS of vegetables and fruit – while focusing on low-fat raw vegan (like 80/10/10).
I especially like watching Dara and Kristina because their videos not only keep you feeling inspired but also help you feel like you’re part of a community by seeing other people out ‘there’ that eat or are interested in eating the way you do.
What are some of your favorite youtube channels? xoxo


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  1. Emily von Euw says:

    i really like your website! the layout, colours, posts… all totally gorgeous. i’m on a juice fast right now but i’m making that alfredo as soon as i’m done!

    • michellelfelt says:

      Aww! Thanks Emily 🙂 You’re juice feast sounds delicious! I might try a week when our omega arrives. Cheers xo