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Pizza Topped with Flash Sautèed Mizuna Greens

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This past weekend finally brought about a trip to the PSU Farmer’s Market where we happily picked out a wide variety of greens for about $24. One of the gems we bought and a new one to try at that was the Mizuna green.

Mizuna is a green goddess unlike any other even though they look like dandelion greens and are considered a Japanese mustard green. These greens were much lighter than the lightest tasting arugula but not as boring as our favorite spinach. As I prepared 1/2 the bunch I kept nibbling on the raw stems trying to wrap my mind around the new flavor.

I had the best intentions to try them in smoothies this week but between this meal and then using the rest in a sesame salad for our Easter picnic to the coast – there weren’t any left. Next time.

When I do sautè greens like spinach, kale, Swiss chard or even arugula I add extra virgin olive oil to a pan on medium heat, minced garlic, the greens, and a little salt and pepper – then sautè for 1-3 minutes depending on the green, tossing them about with tongs. I want them always to be bright green a sign they haven’t been overcooked and I also like if they have a little bit of crunch.

This was a lazier meal but those are fun as well as tasty. We baked an Amy’s Roasted Vegetable pizza (dairy-free) until the crust was crispy and topped it with the sautèed greens, pine nuts, and some kalamata olives. Trader Joe’s also has a version of this pizza that we like even better as the crust is a little bit thinner.

Alongside the pizza we shared a grapefruit with a touch of olive oil and fresh chopped cilantro – sort of a room temperature fruit soup/salad side dish. Both Jeremy and I love this even though I’m a much bigger fan of grapefruit than he is.


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