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Vanilla Cinnamon Citrus Salad

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A variation of this has been my breakfast for the last 2 days and it is delicious and so very refreshing. This is the kind of salad you can easily make when you happen to order 20lb of California oranges and 20lb of Texas grapefruit.

That’s what we just did, it was all for a good cause too. There was a fundraiser for a local elementary school and half the money benefited their programs. I like this type of fundraiser way more than the ones that support buying more ‘junk’ or processed sugary goodies. I mean you could do a mad juice feast with all of this fruit, eat mono meals like I am, or just guarantee a piece of citrus with every meal for a couple weeks.

Other plans for these beauties include homemade household citrus vinegar cleaner, orange marmalade (!), smoothies, snacks, and possibly much much more!

Vanilla Cinnamon Citrus Salad

    Although I haven't finished reading 80/10/10 - I do know this book focuses on 'mono' type meals. Meals where approximately 2lb of fruit/veg/greens are consumed at each meal.

    This is a nice and refreshing way to get a surprising amount of nutrition in one meal. Calories: 450 - Fat: 1g - Fiber: 20g - Protein: 8g - Vitamin A: 15% DV - Calcium: 37% DV - Vitamin C: 818% DV - Iron: 7% DV



    1. Cut oranges and grapefruits in half, then sections, and then across from the opposite direction to make 'cubes'. If the internal skin/pith of your grapefruit is tough you may want to segment it, but the ones I had were so fresh you could just chop them up and never notice the skin. Remove any seeds as you go.
    2. Add fruit and spices to a bowl and toss to combine. Enjoy!


    Try using different spices like: cardamom, curry, cumin, and all spice. Or even adding fresh minced ginger and/or chopped mint.


    Here’s a picture of yesterday’s salad with just cinnamon sprinkled on top, inspired by this favorite snack.

    How many of you would like to support a fundraiser like this? Talk to your school district and see if it could happen! xoxo

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