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How to Make Closed Pineapple Rings

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I kind of feel like I have TOO many ‘how to’ cut pineapple posts, but oh well! Pineapple is delicious and depending on what or how you want to use it – it may help to have a variety of ideas in your resource arsenal. Also, as I’ve mentioned in each post, it is way cheaper to cut your own pineapple.

Step 1: Remove the top and bottom of the pineapple and then slice the skin off in strips, much like in this post (without cutting into segments).

Step 2: (Sorry it’s not in focus) Using this apple corer, I first lined up the corer with the pineapple to see how the length worked. This was perfect, if your pineapple is longer, just make a cut at that point and do the next process over 2 pieces.

Step 3: Place the corer over the pineapple core and press down. Miraculously, I completed mine pretty straight – this never seems to happen when I do apples.

Step 4: Your lovely should look like this now. Now just flip it over on its side and cut your slices in any desired thickness.

Step 5: This picture looks so much better because I put it in front of the natural light of our window – what a difference! Here they are done, delicious and full of fresh pineapple goodness.

Other ways to cut pineapple:

What’s your favorite way to eat pineapple? Smoothies and just as a plain old snack.


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  1. Mary R. says:

    How cool, they look so yummy, and for some reason I would have never thought to cut them this way (duh!!!) – will definitely do it next time! Yay pineapples!