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How to Keep Herbs Fresh | Counter Style

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This picture is of my Mom’s counter and showcases her lovely fresh herbs. I was jealous that she could do this on her counter. If you have the counter space and enough glasses, think about doing this as a way to keep your herbs fresh.

She has a glass of cilantro and 2 of parsley. The middle parsley has been on the counter for an entire week! I couldn’t believe it. She just changes their water a couple times a day and they are good to go.

Have you tried this? I would love to, but alas at the current moment, we do not have any counter space or enough pint glasses BUT I look forward to doing this in the future. Right now, I wash mine, salad ‘spin’ them, and put them in a Ziploc bag with a paper towel for a week. Harvesting container herbs would also be a great way to grow your own while enjoying freshness.


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  1. Smart lady, that mom of yours! I do this too but I don’t have much counter space either so they sit on the window sill above our kitchen sink. It’s a good spot because then I remember to change the water when it’s in my line of site!

  2. Stephanie Cork says:

    I place some herbs (curly parsely and a *little* cilantro) in a single glass on the window sill. It works well. BUT I noticed the herbs (especially the cilantro) drawing fruit flies, so I moved it and basil into the fridge in a glass and covered with clear plastic. WORKS FAB!

    Now I just keep a little of the things like basil and cilantro out, enough that i am likely to use in a day or so, before it goes to the bugs or the air…