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Feed Your Skull a Snack | Fit and Fresh Fruit Salad

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These pictures are courtesy of my brother’s girlfriend, Katie. Thank you Katie!

She shared them with me in a recent text message, showing me how she took her fruit salad to Cosmetology school and kept it nice and cold. The containers are from Fit and Fresh. She filled this container with strawberries, bananas, oranges, and green grapes. Yum!

There is a slim removable and reusable freezer pack that fits inside the lid. Perfect for all types of fresh salads and raw food concoctions.

Her container shows measurements along the side, so you can keep track of how many fruits and veggies you are eating. This container holds about 2 cups.

Great way to stay fresh and eat healthy Katie!

What ways do you transport your healthy meals to work or school? I used to use Ball jars, pyrex, tupperware or something similar.


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