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Saving Orange Juice and Almond Milk for Future Smoothies

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If you read yesterday’s post, you might be under the assumption that I brought celery, dates, and a mango through airport security, to enjoy before or during the flight.

Well, that didn’t happen. The dates came along but that was about it.

I woke up in the morning and just didn’t have an appetite. I wasn’t feeling sick or even anxious. I guess, I just don’t like eating a lot or anything before a day of travel.

Leave it to me. At least I cut and froze the mango and the pineapple. We’ll see the fate of the celery when we return.

We also had just a bit of orange juice and almond milk left that would most certainly be spoiled when we return. So….

I emptied them into our cute and cheap ice cube trays to use in future smoothies. No, it’s not rocket science but it felt satisfying not to let anything go to waste before leaving.

At the always extremely relaxing Portland Airport, I picked up this cd….

From the second you leave airport security, the blue and green tones of the carpet along with the spacious architecture, seem to lull you to this sense of ease and relaxation. Every time. While Jeremy took his turn going to the bathroom and I waited with our bags, I noticed that whatever soundtrack they had going through the speakers was awesome. It was violin and relaxing, not quite Enya/yoga relaxing, it was too haunting for that.

We started to walk away from the bathroom and I was actually looking around for an ‘airport official’ to ask what music this was. I felt crazy even thinking it because I don’t normally go up and ask that sort of thing. As we kept walking to our gate, we realized the source of the music was actually a man with a table and sound system playing his violin right there by the first food court. Now – I really wanted a c.d. We went and picked up our food…

A veggie cafe sandwich, with the request of no mayo and no cheese. So proud of myself. While walking our food back to the table, I decided I had to go buy one of Jimmy be Free’s c.d.s and I did. 🙂

One more cool experience to share. As we were waiting in line at our gate to board, I’m in my Feed Your Skull t-shirt and the woman next to me starts to look at my shirt. I smiled inside my mind and then she complimented me on my shirt. I never did tell her I had a website and that it was my artwork, I’m not good at that yet.

I did say thank you and then she shared that she had had avocados for lunch and walnuts and craisins on their oatmeal at breakfast. We talked about how we loved oatmeal and then her husband pulled out this huge ziplock bag filled with smaller ziplock baggies of all different kinds of vegetables. It was the neatest experience. My heart was big. 🙂


p.s. We arrived safely to IL and have had many dog, family and friends’ hugs already. Win!

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  1. Stephanie Cork says:

    i just discovered your blog tonight and am going through a number of older post and loving them! i just bought a couple of extra ice cube trays today at target…because in cooking healthier you realize there are SO many uses for ice cube trays!!! That was a super smart, quick thinking use of the trays 😉

    • michellelfelt says:

      Thanks and I love that you were reading old posts! I actually saw your comments pretty quickly after they arrived and held back from replying because I didn’t want to seem like a creeper (lol) but then I forgot 🙁 There are so many uses for ice cube trays….chocolate molds….freezing herbs…etc etc etc 🙂