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Vitamins and Travel

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Today is a question day as well as a travel day to Illinois. How do you transport your vitamins for vacation? Do you take the whole bottles, bag them, a container? Or, do you take a break from your vitamins during vacation?

Spill your secret with us below.

I have been very good the last month taking the above vitamins, ever since getting my micro-nutrient test back from Any Lab Test Now. Instead of taking a vita-cation like I normally would, I’ve decided to keep up my regimen and bring them with.

This posed two small problems. One, we’ll be gone for 13 days and that’s too many pills to fit in one of those nice weekday pill boxes AND two, there are too many between the single vitamins and the ones I need to take two of. Okay, I just realized there are three problems. 🙂 The third being that the white ones are similar in shape and size, so can be easily confused.

For this trip, at first I was going to be wasteful and have like 10 sandwich bags of pills. Then I decided, the ones I could tell apart could be in one bag and then go from there. Doing it this way, at least, saved some bags and I do plan on reusing them.

The odd man out in the end was selenium, he got his very own bag. Lucky bug.

Even though we have a short-ish flight tomorrow, it seems like any day of airport travel becomes one loooonnnng day. To appease that and my desire to avoid ‘airport’ food, I am going to attempt to bring ‘natural’ food through TSA security. According to their site as long as it is wrapped, it is permitted. The most I’ve tried before is PB sandwiches – this worked. Tomorrow I will bring the last of our pineapple, celery, dates, and some raw ginger snaps.

Wish me luck! xoxo

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    We travel with vitamins but I’ve learned to keep the separate because they don’t like to be all mixed together. I always bring food when we’re on a trip and have brought a jar of PB on the plane for a quick meal after landing. The last time a TSA agent made me toss the peanut butter so I don’t know if I’ll be risking that again!! It was awful to waste food like that!

    • michellelfelt says:

      Ahh wasted food, that always gives me shivers. I’m glad to say my vitamins are quite happy in their mix, *whew 🙂