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Fruit Leathers | Strawberry Banana Kiwi

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Everyone loves fruit roll-ups or fruit leathers and they’re one of the easiest things to first make in your dehydrator. They make for a tasty flavorful snack that is naturally sweet and perfect for taking to school or on a hiking trip.

I last made these in early 2010 and had them devoured by my younger brother but didn’t have a site then, so I revisited this after picking up strawberries and kiwis this week.

Fruit Leathers | Strawberry Banana Kiwi


    • 1 carton of strawberries, stems removed
    • 1 banana
    • 2-4 tablespoons water
    • 1-2 kiwis, peeled and thinly sliced


    1. %http://content.feedyourskull.com/uploads/2012/02/20120217_StrawberryBananaKiwiFL_003.jpg
    2. Add to blender strawberries, banana, and start with 2 tablespoons of water; blend until smooth, adding more water only if needed.
    3. %http://content.feedyourskull.com/uploads/2012/02/20120217_StrawberryBananaKiwiFL_005.jpg
    4. Divide batter between 3 dehydrator trays fitted with a teflex sheet and place slices of kiwi in rows, circles, or whatever looks good to you.
    5. %http://content.feedyourskull.com/uploads/2012/02/20120217_StrawberryBananaKiwiFL_008.jpg
    6. Dehydrate between 105-115F for about 4 hours and then flip over onto the mesh screen, peeling off the teflex. Dehydrate an additional hour or until it is dry in the middle.

    The batter may separate a little on the teflex sheet, in the same way a smoothie does after it has been sitting. Mine seemed to do it around the kiwis, that just means it will look a little strange while dehydrating.


    I also used some slices of banana on one of the sheets and even though they were really tasty, I thought the kiwi ones looked better.

    To make the heart shapes, I just used my kitchen shears.Totally easy!

    You could lay these on wax paper pieces and roll up to store or depending on the size and how you cut them, just lay them in a sealed tupperware or glass container until they’re eaten up.

    Enjoy! xoxo

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