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How to Use Up Nasty Tasting Chlorella Powder

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Today you will learn how to turn this nasty nasty horse hay chlorella powder into….

cute, easily digestible chlorella pillsies……

I am one of those people that will buy a supplement, if I feel I’ll benefit from it and if it’s come up enough in my radar from various news sources. That being said….some supplements…especially the powder ones, can be nasty!

I hope this offers a solution for you, for any of those powder supplements you may have. It will mean you no longer have to open your cabinet or fridge and be reminded that you don’t like it and it cost you money. Send that guilt packing.

It became apparent I had a problem with this chlorella from the minute I opened it. I said it would be okay though. My cilantro and mango smoothie will totally mellow out this *ack strong, strong, strong smelling algae (read: horse hay). Not even. After a few smoothies, I just felt like the joy of drinking them was being taken away. Which at least led to a productive solution.

I knew I could buy gel capsules, I’d seen them at the vitamin shop, but I wondered how I was going to fill them. How does one do that? Off to you tube I went. There I found a video of a seemingly older but sweet man making his pills with this little device. Then it was off to amazon to order and same for the capsules. I didn’t really think about veggie capsules vs cow hoof capsules, but once I started seeing the shopping results, I thought, yes veggie capsules or VCapsules are the way to go.

So these were the items I purchased:

What you’ll need:

  • Powder, in this case chlorella
  • Capsule machine
  • Capsules
  • paper or something to spread down for easy clean up
  • spoon

In the above picture you can see the chlorella powder, capsules, and machine. The machine’s parts, starting from the left are: a green card for scraping, the top of the machine where the tops of the capsules go, the bottom and ‘platform’ of the machine where the bottoms of the capsules go, and the ‘tamper’ for tamping down (if needed).

Start by twisting your capsules apart and placing a top in the top and vice versa. It doesn’t matter if the tops are flush with the top base but you do want to make the sure the bottoms are even with the plane of the machine. This will ensure powder can be evenly distributed into all the capsules.

Sprinkle a spoonful of chlorella powder down onto the bottom of the tray. You’ll quickly find out if you missed a capsule in any of the holes.

Using the green card, press and slide across, filling the capsules with powder. This may need to be done a few times. At this point the tamper would be good BUT with my chlorella powder, it just puffed up everywhere – so I didn’t use it.

Once the capsules are full, lift the bottom off of the ‘platform’ (see right hand side of photo) and place top on bottom.

Press down to close. There is a little plastic piece under the bottom that simulates a spring response when you press down allowing it to become flush with whatever flat surface you are using.

Lift the top off and look at all of your little horse hay pillsies. So cute!

Turn the pills over and using the top’s plastic spring (see where thumb is), press down on both sides. You can do this over a wide container or in the corner of your work area.


Do this over and over until you use up all of your capsules like I did. I will need to order more to finish the job. And don’t worry, you’re bound to make a mess. Laying down the paper made for incredibly easy cleanup and the tray, itself, just needed a good rinse and was ready to go back in the box.

I used an old yogurt container to drop my pills into before moving them for storage. The capsule machine came with one of those packs that help keep moisture from destroying your pills, it was large and I haven’t used it. I’m thinking our house isn’t that humid and I could maybe use our dehydrator if I needed to, but the packet is there.

Remind yourself that even though you don’t like it’s smell, it is filled with good things for you, like:

  • 2 grams of protein
  • 62% of your daily beta-carotene
  • 125% of your daily vitamin C
  • 33% of your daily iron
  • 75 mg of chlorophyll
  • 25 mg of daily carotenoids (they are antioxidants that exist in the pigment color of plants and can reduce the damage of free radicals)

I may also use this for my maca powder, because I don’t usually like it in my smoothies. We shall see.



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  1. Janine says:

    Wow, you have a talent in making things work. Yeah, a little experiment would do. Since it doesn’t tastes so good, chlorella powder in a capsule is really a better option. But actually, my doctor recommended this chlorella supplement and it comes in a capsule form already. So far I’m enjoying its healthy benefits and I felt that I have a stronger immune system than before.