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Peanut Butter Banana Nori Rolls

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20120208_PBBNori_005An easy but unique snack that might even make you love nori, if you don’t already, that is. Peanut Butter Banana Nori Rolls.

If you love nori and sushi, you will adore these. I mean, just look at them, they’re totally winking at you and saying ‘Oh hey!’

You’ll just need three relatively simple ingredients: nori, banana, and a natural nut butter of your choosing. The nori is the relatively easy part. You can order this online or go to an Asian grocery store OR even a natural health food store – like Whole Foods – they will be near the dried seaweed. I bought mine at Whole Foods and I’m pretty sure the cost was less than $6. Win.

Start by laying out your nori, shiny side down, and split your banana along nature’s seams (or not – up to you – if you do want to, just press down on the banana and it will start to separate), and spread about a tablespoon or less of natural nut butter on the nori sheet.

Place bananas in the center or near the edge and roll up the nori.

Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes, this helps the nori soften just a little bit which will help the pieces hold their shape.

Cut slices with a sharp knife in 1″ increments.

Enjoy your new and strange snack! Bring it to work for an easy snack or lunch and enjoy it with chopsticks. Eating this may encourage curious glances and strange comments from co-workers. I loved that! Give samples – only – if you feel like sharing. 😉

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