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Dear Body

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A love letter to my strongest advocate.

Dear Body,

I am so sorry for the years in high school when I cut and hurt you.

I am sorry for the times I don’t want to look at you in the mirror.

I’m sorry that I haven’t enjoyed you more.

I’m sorry that I made you wear vibram shoes on a 5 mile walk, after all your feet are flat and beautiful.

I’m sorry for the silly night (also in high school) a friend and I took too many Tylenol and made you sick.

I’m sorry for the times I’m exasperated and don’t talk very nicely to you.

I’m sorry that I don’t see you as you really are sometimes.

And more importantly…

I am so grateful you’ve taken such good care of me these past 29 years and for all the years we will share in the future.

I am so grateful you healed me and took care of me during the  ‘severe dysplastic cervical cells’ time of my life, almost 11 years ago.

I’m so grateful you forgave our knees for not being in shape for our 3 days on the Camino and that you healed them and they are back to normal.

I’m so grateful you are such a good communicator even when I am not.

I am so grateful for the energized way you make me feel after a workout. I love your strength even though I doubt it sometimes.

I love that even when I feel lost, you are there for me, if I just listen and allow you to whisper to my heart and mind.

I love that you kept me cavity free for 28 years.

I love that you told me I needed glasses while watching Anne of Greene Gables in 4th grade – I will never forget that.

I love that you respond and are happy when fed foods that nourish you.

I love that each day you try to get me to take a deep breath and I hope that today is the day I hear you.

I’m grateful that you only want the best for me.

I love that you’re quirky, like how the left side of you is just a little bit different (your ear, eye lid, breast, and thigh) from your right.

I love how you quell anxieties just when I need you to.

I’m grateful you no longer give me canker sores except when I eat a lot of hard and crunchy chips, because having those on a constant basis while growing up was a big pain in the ass mouth.

I love that you find me confidence and strength on days that I’m convinced it’s not there.

I am so grateful for our relationship and all the changes, hardships and periods of growth we’ve been through. I promise to love you and look you in the eye more and see you as you really are.

Thankfully Yours,

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  1. Diane Felt says:

    Dear Michelle’s Body,
    I am so grateful that your beautiful eyes, heart, and soul met those of my son.
    I am so grateful for your arms which give me great hugs.
    I am so grateful for the love that you exude and especially which loves my son.
    I am so grateful that the person who resides in your body is a most exceptional daughter-in-law who I LOVE AND ADORE!
    I am so grateful for giving my sweet Michelle the confidence and courage to write such a beautiful love letter to you.
    I am so grateful that with time one can heal.
    I am so grateful that Jeremy found his soul mate in you, someone who I prayed would come into his life one day. My prayers were answered!
    I am so grateful for having shared hiking our first 14er, Gray’s Peak, together.
    I am always……always…..a phone call away to listen to my lovely daughter-in-law’s voice.

    I love you sweet Michelle.
    MommaDi….your Mom-in-law

  2. Mary R. says:

    Awwww as if your post wasn’t enough to make me cry, Diane’s sweet reply below… gonna be blubbering like a baby here in a minute! Michelle you are da bomb and I’m so glad to have met you, even if you live far away and we have to be Facebook pen pals! Thanks for sharing so much with us! These pictures are adorable!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much Mary and right back at you! I love how we’ve connected over facebook with all of our fun intrests and entrepreneurial joys! <3 xoxo