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Fruit and Vegetable Bento Box | Simple Guacamole Stuffed Cucumber

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Oh holy shiznit! This was amazing and made me feel so good about everything. These are the kinds of meals I want to show people when they’re not sure how to eat more veg or eat healthy. It was simple, less than 12 minutes to put together and using ingredients I had on hand.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now {just close your ears if you’ve already listened to this}.

Gourmet raw is fine and it’s fun to do once a week or once a month. It’s definitely a good way to see whole foods in a new light. But, daily eating habits shouldn’t always involve 1 recipe that takes 3 days to bring to fruition from sprouting to dehydration.

That’s overwhelming, especially for a person new to raw foods or new to wanting to eat more ‘whole’ foods. Daily eating should be intuitive, balancing, and freaking delicious. The trick is to start seeing vegetables you’re already familiar with as vessels for other veggies and fruit. Like zucchinis and cucumbers as beds of hydrating, mineral providing ‘noodles’ or as ‘boats’ to carry your favorite guac or hummus recipe OR sliced to use as chips for salsa and guac. So many possibilities.

Yesterday I was inspired by Lisa’s Raw on $10 a Day post for a cucumber club. Then when I got into the kitchen I was like oooh I have cilantro too and it happily started transforming into the guacamole stuffed cucumber bento box you see. Fill the corners of your plate with whatever yums you have on hand: nuts, banana, carrots, sauerkraut, oranges – you create it!

I might of gotten a days worth of veggies in this one meal and to think some people don’t eat any veggies during a day.

Use this to inspire the ingredients you have in your fridge to a new but simple level. It can be so easy and when it is and it tastes great it only helps to ingrain that you’re eating your best while making yourself feel good too.

Still loving my apple corer I ordered through amazon! A spoon will do this job just fine though.


I saved the seeds/pulp for my next smoothie. Always nice to see a fresh but not overripe avocado upon slicing.

Fruit and Vegetable Bento Box | Simple Guacamole Stuffed Cucumber


    • 1 English cucumber, ends removed
    • 1 medium avocado, pit removed
    • 6 small green onions or 3 large green onions
    • 3-4 sprigs of cilantro, diced
    • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
    • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
    • sea salt to taste
    • cayenne powder to taste (optional)


    1. Slice your cucumber in half, lengthwise and using a spoon or apple corer (like me), slide along to remove the seeds.
    2. In a small bowl add the avocado (scoop/slide out of skin using a spoon), onion, cilantro, lemon juice, garlic powder, salt, and cayenne - mash with a fork. Now fill your cucumber with the guacamole.
    3. Then fill the corners of your bento with other whole foods.
    4. Enjoy!


    Have you ever eaten a whole cucumber in one sitting? This is my 3rd time in the last 2 weeks. Once spiralized with an Asian dressing and then just sliced and snacked on during the day.


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      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you! That apple corer has truly turned out to be one of my favorite things, it has a little ‘pusher’ that easily empties out the apple core.