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How to Clean Dehydrator Screens and Trays

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I’ll share mine if you share yours…cleaning tips that is. Cleaning my Excalibur dehydrator trays and screens are probably my least favorite thing to wash, but I’ve found a few tricks that work.

Important things to know, we don’t have a dishwasher. So – any washing has to be done in the sink. Really that’s not a big deal because the only thing that can go in the dish washer, on the top rack, is the tray itself.


  • Use a good scrubbing brush, I find it knocks everything off and does a way better job than a dish rag.
  • Rolling up the mesh screens to rinse seems to work the best for getting the soap suds off – quick like.
  • I sometimes – ok usually – use the vacuum to get the crumbs out of the dehydrator instead of wiping them up. Vacuum = Super Easy
  • Let everything air dry or dry them in the dehydrator. haha It feels like I could wipe and wipe and there will still be some water that I missed, so I just let nature do its business. I use a little office clip attached to a twist tie to hang and dry ziploc bags and teflex sheets. You were thinking classy. I already knew.

Now tell us your secrets? 


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  1. VeganInLA says:

    Thanks for those ideas. I hadn’t thought of using a vacuum!

    I have parrots and Teflon is toxic/fatal for them so I don’t use the sheets. And there’s lots of info about it being bad for humans also. I use parchment paper instead.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you have a double sink? I used to have one and would get water !everywhere! It was ridiculous trying to rinse them etc. 😉