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Portland: A Visit to Slappy Cakes

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This is a much belated post born all the way back in December! We had such a fun experience at Slappy Cakes though that I wanted to share our good times.

What is Slappy Cakes? It is a pancake griddle haven, where there are griddles at every single table. Are you excited yet? You should be. The other cool thing is they are local and sustainable.

“Slappy Cakes is an innovator and local authority on sustainable practices for the restaurant industry. Local and regional vendors are used whenever possible with an emphasis on organic products. Our outdoor courtyard is a beautifully landscaped area where we grow our herbs, vegetables, and berries. We compost our food waste from the kitchen, and next spring we will add an outdoor chef’s table available for private parties and community events.”

We went while family was visiting and it was a fun food experience for kids of ALL ages, my father in-law included.   Looking around at all the little kids there, I thought ‘Good hell, how are they not burning themselves left and right?’ They weren’t and part of that reason is because the kids were behaved and also the outer 2-3 inches of the rectangle griddle is far less hot (just warm) than the center. Cool!

There were 6 of us including an 11 1/2 month old. She got a high chair the rest of us sat in regular seats. Proud, aren’t you?

Another nice thing about Slappy Cakes is there are choices. Griddle or no griddle, savory or sweet, and even veg*n options from the batter to the toppings. Here is their griddle menu. As a non-pancake person I had to go with the griddle for the experience otherwise I would have gotten granola, oatmeal or eggs. I went with the sweet potato batter for something really different and savory toppings of vegan sausage and scallions. I had never had a savory pancake before.

My yums are on the right. The batter which I didn’t get a picture of came in a ketchup bottle, allowing for easy shape making on the griddle.

Sometimes I warmed the ingredients on the griddle and then topped my pancake and other times just smooshed it in the batter while it cooked.

The heat of the griddle was just right that you could carry on a conversation and never burn your pancake. Score!

Everyone had a great time, definitely worth the visit.


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