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Go Make This: Linda Szarkowski’s Chocolate Crispy Balls

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Oh Em Gee! These are good and they haven’t even chilled in the fridge yet. I found this recipe a few days ago, by chance, and as it turns out they were created by the lovely Linda, who taught my 2nd raw chef certification. They are no-bake chocolate crispy balls.

Jeremy and I also attended a class at her home on how to prepare ‘All-American Comfort Foods’. We received recipes and were able to watch/learn/taste as she made: old fashioned chocolate milkshakes, vegetable platter with mock sour cream and chive dip, garden burgers with barbeque sauce, coleslaw, southern greens, and peach cobbler. It was incredible! She recently opened up a brick and mortar location to dazzle and delight all those in the Chicago area and offers live food boxes and classes to get you started or further your raw inspiration. Check her out at Green Spirit Healthy Living.


The recipe for these delicious balls (te-he) can be found at Uncooking 101. Just know they took less than 15 minutes to make (that includes the photos I took) and made 21 heaping teaspoon-sized decadent treats. They are chilling in the fridge for dessert later.

Off to try a ‘new to us’ Thai restaurant. Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

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