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Homemade T-Shirts

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Back in high school working with acrylic paints for the first time and mistakenly getting some on a beloved Smash Offspring tee I realized what was possible…

The ability to make my own t-shirts of bands that I was obsessed with, no matter how obscure, the way their music or album artwork inspired the random art in my mind. Note: I graduated in 2000. Mail order was the only way to get t-shirts then and also we didn’t own a computer. 

Here’s one from back in the day – old Hane’s white t-shirt meets acrylic paints. I would pencil sketch the letters free-hand and then paint with acrylic and some times on top of the acrylic – a little tinted puff paint with glitter.

The Lunachicks tee and me and my brother Freddy 🙂 – 1999

Things are WAY different now. I can order t-shirts. Online. But the creative juice that once had me hand painting and hand drawing the letters is still behind the t-shirt that I can acquire online. I might still hand paint one – it’s good times.

I wanted this ‘feed your skull’ skull as a t-shirt because a) yeah – I love skulls b) It was the first major ‘artsy’ thing I’ve done in a LONG time and c) I can look down at it and remind myself to eat the things I love, like avocados. 😉

While I have been quiet on the food front this last week, the kitchen has still been a bustle. I’ve also been painting canvas – for fun. I have ignored the artist in me for far too long. Time to unleash that lovely beast – especially when the act of ‘it’ makes me feel so alive. I seriously have missed that part of myself. Glad to meet her again.

One day, hopefully soon, I will talk a little lot more about my love of skulls. The important thing to know is that I’ve loved them for over 14 years, even now that the rest of my ‘fashion sense’ has calmed. :S

Is there something that you used to do that made you really happy and you stopped? What was it and why did you stop? 


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