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Banana Orange Collard Green Smoothie

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In the midst of last week’s baked oatmeal fest, I still had a few green smoothies and this was one of them. I really like how green smoothies provide energy and power-packed nutrition. They are also quick to make and easy to carry. Let’s not forget damn tasty too! This one was cheap too. Gotta love that.

It definitely needs to be mentioned that while eating all that oatmeal last week, I was really pleased at how ‘light’ I felt. I kind of had it in my head that they zapped my energy and weighed me down like pasta usually does, but that was so NOT the case. Just another affirmation about eating whole foods.

One more affirmation…this was my first time using collards in a smoothie and it was delicious!

Banana Orange Collard Green Smoothie


    • 2 bananas or 2 frozen bananas
    • 1 orange, peeled & seeds removed
    • 5 collard leaves, de-stemmed using the kale way
    • juice from half a lemon
    • 1 cup water (to start, add 1/2 cup more, if necessary for desired thickness)


    1. Add ingredients to blender and blend baby blend! I use the #4, whole juice, setting on the blendtec.
    2. Enjoy!


    Have you ever used collards in a smoothie? After eating them a lot during the collard wrap week, I realized they weren’t bitter at all. They’ll be great to add to my smoothie rotation.


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