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The Cost Savings of Homemade Vanilla Extract

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Making your own vanilla extract?? Did you know you could or even think about the fact that you could? I didn’t until yesterday when Sayward Rebhal from Bonzai Aphrodite, posted one of the BEST ideas for a homemade gift – ever. Check out her post and instructions here.

Funny story – just 2 days ago I used the last of my Penzeys’ Single-Strength Vanilla extract and as I was pouring out the last teaspoon, part of a vanilla bean came tumbling out. I was so surprised, but didn’t stop to think about why it was in there. I just thought, “Yup, that’s high quality stuff.” Well, of course it is, at $11.55 for a 4 oz bottle. There’s a reason too – it’s tasty! Besides the alcohol taste, the flavor is dead on the heels of a true vanilla bean.

So how does the cost transfer from buying to making your own? I did some quick fact gathering and mad math skills.

Home-made (750 ml) Penzeys’ Single-Strength Simply Organic
Smirnoff’s Triple Distilled Vodka $15.00/750 ml
Vanilla Bean $20.00/4 beans
Total Cost $35.00 $72.19 (for 6.25 bottles) $44.38 (for 6.35 bottles)
Bottle Size 6 – 125 ml bottles 1 – 120 ml 1 – 118 ml
Costs Per Actual Bottle $5.88 $11.55 $6.99 (on sale)

The only deal is you have to wait about 5-6 weeks to reap the reward. That’s it – just waiting – I can do that! After all, I just waited 2 weeks for raw fermented sauerkraut, that would have cost me $88 or more at the store. Making it at home the cost was $9. Yes, big difference!

The other benefit is you’ve seen and monitored the process and you’ve learned something new, which is empowering!

I’m ready to try this…. are you?

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