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Follow Up Friday 1.0

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This last week Feed Your Skull started a recipe challenge. A recipe was presented and then anyone willing had a week to make the recipe once, twice, or as many times as they pleased. Today (a week later) is the day we dish out what we loved, didn’t and what we may have done different.

So, for the very first one I suggested a collard wrap filled with veggies and some raw vegan sauerkraut. Then I kind of used the recipe challenge as my own personal challenge to continue making various types of wraps throughout the week. I wanted to help you and me see what we could do with green leaf wrap.

Did you participate? Have you made a collard wrap on another occasion? Please share with us what you made and tell us if it dazzled your taste buds. Please head over to the original post to share. Thank you so much!

Our week in Collard Wraps