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How to Cut a Mango and How to Make Mango Noodles

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I don’t have a picture of how to cut a mango. Ha, I just drew one in photo shop. At least it does the job.

The interesting thing about the mango is the pit much like any fruit is right in the center but it runs the length of the fruit. I was surprised the first time I cut into it because I had no idea, I thought I could just slice it in half, horizontal like. Nope. P.S. I had my first mango about 2 years ago. I can’t believe it either.

As the picture shows, this is how I prop mine up on the cutting board, every time I cut it. I hold it up, stem on top, and place my knife anywhere from 1/8″ to 1/4″ left then right of the stem and bring the knife down, you will be able to feel how the pit runs and guide the knife adjacent to the pit. Once the fleshy halves have been removed there will be some bits of flesh still along the pit that you can also remove, if you choose.

How to Make Mango Noodles


  • Take the fleshy halves of mango meat/flesh and slice into the desired thickness – you could do long or short noodles – if you didn’t want to make noodles, at this point you could also just cut cube-ish shapes

  • I chose long noodle style and about 1/4″ wide

  • Remove the skin

  • Place on cutting board and cut into noodles according to your desired thickness, I chose about 1/8″ – Be careful, the mango is a slippery beast. *Safety tip: Make sure your knife is sharp

  • Voila!! Mango Noodle goodness. 🙂

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