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How to De-Stem Collard Greens for Wraps

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The stems of hearty leafy greens are usually very bitter, so I like to remove the stem for a more palatable wrap. There are 2 ways that I de-stem my collard leaves and it will depend on the size of the leaf.

Ginormous Leaves

The first way is for ginormous leaves. Start by cutting along the stem line to remove each leaf. Each half will be a wrap. Just for perspective, my cutting board pictured below is 20″x14″. This was one BIG leaf!


Average Sized Leaves

The second way works great for average sized leaves.First remove the bottom 2″ of stem and maybe a little leaf.

Now make an upside down V cut over the thicker part of the stem and remove.

The wraps can be rolled and wrapped a few different ways depending on your ingredients. Some of mine end up like pockets, burritos, or even roll-ups.

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