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Veda Collard Wrap

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Have you ever made a collard wrap? Today’s Veda Collard Wrap are inspired by Pickled Planet’s, Veda Sauerkraut that I picked up at our local Whole Foods. It has a delicious blend of curry and cumin spices. I have enjoyed it on a few collard wraps, salads, and grilled cheeses. Delicious!

To start, cut along the stem line to remove each leaf. These will be your wraps. I’ve also tried removing just the bottom 2″ – this works too.

Next take your ingredients, I used red pepper hummus, a little mustard, freshly shredded carrots, Veda kraut, thinly sliced cucumbers, thinly sliced red onion and baby spinach – and pile them on your wrap. Then just roll it up. This one became so full that it ended up being a burrito. Yum!

Other fillings could be salsa, guacamole, or black bean dip & lentil dip (thanks Mary!). The options are endless. See what is in your fridge and use it up or take it as an opportunity to try some new veggies or combinations.  Mix it up!

These wraps are perfect for taking to work too! Just wrap them up in wax paper with some tape, tinfoil, or cinch close with a tooth pick and place in a reusable container. Easy.


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