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Roadrunner Veggie Flax Crisps

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Have you always wondered what to do with your leftover vegetable pulp after juicing? Well, you can make crisps! They are delicious, savory and taste AMAZING served with sliced avocado on top. I highly recommend. Seriously.

Roadrunner Veggie Flax Crisps

    These are crispity crunchy crisps. They are a great snack for all ages. My 7 year old brother, loves them! Bite into a snack that provides a great source of omega-3s, fiber, and protein. Serve with your favorite dip.


    • 2 cups of veggie pulp from juicing (I had used a combination of tomatoes, white onion, carrots, celery, cucumber, and golden beet)
    • 1 cup golden flax seeds, soaked in 1 cup of water for 1-2 hours (do not drain - it will be gelatinous)
    • 1 cup cilantro, rough chopped
    • 3 tablespoons Bragg's liquid aminos/Organic Tamari


    1. Add to a food processor fitted with the s-blade, the soaked flax seeds and veggie pulp. Process until really incorporated. (Mine almost looked like a bunt cake - rounded heaping edges with a clear center around the s-blade.)
    2. Once that is mixed, add the cilantro and Bragg's liquid aminos. Blend - until the cilantro becomes evenly flecked throughout the batter.
    3. Divide the batter visually into thirds and then divide among 3 dehydrator trays lined with teflex. An offset spatula works great. Spread about an 1/8" thin for the crisps or if you want them a little thicker, try for 1/4".
    4. Dehydrate at 105 degrees for about 4 hours.
    5. After 4 hours remove trays, flip teflex upside down onto a screened sheet, peel off teflex sheet, and score into desired cracker shapes (rectangles/triangles). This will help you break apart the crackers better when they are done. Pizza cutters work great!
    6. Place back in dehydrator and continue dehydrating another 8-12 hours. (If you have extra dehydrator screens, place them on top of the crackers. They curl as they dry - this will help them stay flat.)
    7. I encourage you to taste test the crackers near the last few hours and see if they meet your crisp-ectations. If you live in a drier climate they may finish sooner or take longer if you are in a more humid setting.
    8. When done, remove from trays breaking apart along the previously scored edges. Serve with your favorite dip or just by themselves.
    9. Store in an air-tight container.

    Extra Tips:

    • Normally celery pulp after juicing has a lot of strings left to it, which makes a strange textured cracker with floss like chunks. Allowing the food processor to masticate the ingredients ensures the pesky but nutritionally loved celery strings and any other chunkier pulp will blend nicely for a perfect crisp.
    • Have the flax seeds soaking while you get your juicing done.  This will help speed things along.
    • If you are going on a road trip or for a weekend of camping, these would be perfect to take with.
    • Is your week busy? Try prepping the recipe to the point they are on trays. In the morning before you go to work, pop them in the dehydrator. At lunch flip and score them place them back in the dehydrator.

    Diet tags: High protein, Gluten free, Raw

    Is this your first time making a flax-seed cracker? and Do you have any clever ways to use up your juice pulp?

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