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Uber Refreshing Berry Ice Cubes

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Is it the middle or end of summer? Not sure, so I’ll go with the middle.  I’m a Libra after all and it’s always about balance. Either way these delicious berry ice cubes are sure to be refreshing!

During this gorgeous sunny blue skied day, I was finding myself pretty thirsty with all of the new-to-us hill walking in Portland we have been doing and of course wanted some water to re-hydrate myself.

Even though I absolutely love water, sometimes it needs a little pick-me-up. Lemon is great and all but I wanted different, fresh and inspiring.  So, why not berries? Let’s mix it up, stay hydrated, and take in a few anti-oxidants while we’re at it. Ready? Go!

How to:

Add 1/4 cup of frozen mixed berries to 24 oz of water.

Fresh or frozen would be great, but I was in want of something cooling and cold.  This could be enjoyed right away or if you have time, let it slow dance in the jar for a few hours, bringing out a belle of a blush, to of all things – water.

A fun spin, make your own berry-nice cubes! Divvy up some berries into your favorite ice cube tray, add water, and let the freezer do the rest.

The red tint is not only beautiful but also void of artificial coloring i.e.red dye #40, hence all natural! I felt super refreshed as my skin soaked up water and antioxidants – polishing my body from the inside out.

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