Can you believe this is a picture of frozen spinach? I almost can’t and I took the photo! It looks so fresh and tasty.

It seems we always have spinach in our house. Sometimes we have spinach in bags or those plastic bins or even fresh from the farmer’s market. Like all the ‘greens’ in our house they make their way into our salads, smoothies and sometimes dehydrated as chips.

Normally there isn’t a problem eating spinach in time before it starts to go bad. By bad I mean that ‘wet’ look that means it’s days away from the infamous swampy gelatinous throw away spinach. Eww. This is where the freezer comes in and saves my butt leaving the spinach frozen in time and perfect for future smoothies!

To save my lovely spinach I just put it in the freezer. No blanching, special rinsing, or special bags or containers required; I just place whatever container it’s in directly in the freezer. Easy!

The spinach will keep like this for awhile, although I always use mine within a few days.

When I’m ready to make my next smoothie, I just grab a handful of frozen spinach and throw it in with the rest of my ingredients. In case you’re wondering if there is a change in color or taste, there isn’t. You can see from the photos how fresh it looks and trust me when I say the taste is just as good as fresh. Win!

What is your favorite way to eat spinach?