Protein Packed French Onion Dip

Protein Packed French Onion Dip | Feed Your Skull

It’s snackity snack dippity dip time!

Recently I’ve been using tofu as a base for dips and I LOVE IT. It’s lack of flavor makes it the perfect blank canvas for snack creations.

Protein Packed French Onion Dip | Feed Your Skull

Chop it into cubes and throw it in a blender or food processor to turn it into a whipped and creamy texture.

Protein Packed French Onion Dip | Feed Your Skull

Simply Organic has been my season packet of choice with several vegan options available (note: ranch is not one of them, but it is vegetarian). They don’t show their ingredient list or sort them by vegan on their site, but the packets reflect all of the information if you’re buying at the store or at Amazon.

My favorites are French Onion, Mediterranean Herb Greek, and Zesty Spinach.

Protein Packed French Onion Dip | Feed Your Skull

I used the Blendtec Twister Jar for this, but have also used a mini food processor—they both work great, the mini food processor just takes a little bit longer.

Protein Packed French Onion Dip | Feed Your Skull

This recipe makes about a cup of dip and boasts 18 grams of protein!

Protein Packed French Onion Dip


  • 1/2 block of firm tofu, chopped (approximately 1 heaping cup)
  • 3 tablespoons unsweetened vegan yogurt (I used coconut)
  • 1 teaspoon tamari
  • 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast
  • 1 packet Simply Organic French Onion Dip mix


  1. Add ingredients to a food processor and blend until smooth. Empty into a container and chill for 1-3 hours to allow flavors to develop.

Protein Packed French Onion Dip | Feed Your Skull

This french onion dip is not just for dipping either, throw it on a plate of steamed and roasted vegetables.

Protein Packed French Onion Dip | Feed Your Skull

The creamy velvety onion against a salted crispy roasted potato is bliss. Use in wraps, on salads, stirred into a tofu breakfast scramble for even MORE protein, and the list goes on.

How are you going to use this dip?

Second Rule of Writers Retreat

Second Rule of Writers Retreat | Feed Your Skull  Don’t write the entire time.

The inn sits back and up from route 12 situated at the bottom of an old logging road with the owner’s residence directly across the gravel driveway.

I cracked open the door as I turned in my seat, preparing my stiff legs for movement when the fresh forest air crawled slowly up my nose and settled on my skin. The kind of fresh smell only possible when you combine new growth with decaying matter.

Jeremy helped unload my large suitcase and cooler with 5 days worth of meals before we shared a lingering hug and kiss and he headed home. Jim, the owner, didn’t think Jeremy would make it the next 5 days without me. All I could do was chuckle. We would be just fine.

Second Rule of Writers Retreat | Feed Your SkullI began to unpack my nourishment for the week surprised by how everything fit so tetris-like in the small dorm-sized refrigerator. I laid a few things out in the bathroom and emptied my books and notebooks on the bed, they would be my nighttime companions over the next five days.

It makes sense that you should write at a writers retreat, I’m just saying don’t have your seat glued to a seat every waking second. I spent time working on regular writing, code writing (for my site), recipe writing, and dreaming about new ways I would like to write…narrative, poetry, and memoir to name a few. Why not – right?

What about when I wasn’t writing??

Second Rule of Writers Retreat | Feed Your Skull

Taking in the SCENERY!

Oh hiking, how I love thee! While crawling up among the pines I tried to figure out when my love of hiking started. I know I never hiked as a child so my love must have started in my early 20s.  Propelling yourself up the side of a ridge or a mountain is the perfect way to get your blood flowing again.  The blood just banging and pounding away between your ears as you seek higher and higher elevations.

On this particular trail I averaged about 30 minutes climbing to the top of the ridge, taking time for selfies, self-reflection, and appreciation for what was in front of me.

While out I saw a deer, a lot of scat, turkeys, a large predatory bird, and even heard some hunting! That was a first for me. I kept thinking “please see my pink hat” even though the echoes seemed farther off.

Oh and there is a river too :)

Second Rule of Writers Retreat | Feed Your SkullThe Clearwater that is and right across the street, so I made a point to walk down at least one of the mornings. The mist had mostly lifted only clinging to a few spots. Gorgeous.

Stay tuned.

First Rule |

First Rule of Writers Retreat

Clearwater Women's Writer's Retreat | Day 1

  Think of yourself as a writer.

Earlier today I left for Kooskia, ID (pronounced Kooskie) to attend the first—and my first—Clearwater Women’s Writers Retreat, hosted by Reflections Inn and author, Paula Marie Coomer. I can’t tell you how excited I was to randomly learn of this opportunity.

A chance to hunker down, stare at the computer, and hopefully write. But in a wooded faery land with hiking opportunities.

The fun takes place just outside of Kooskia which is spread out along the Clearwater River on winding route 12 between the Nez Perce Reservation and the Clearwater National Forest.

Route 12 along this section and almost all the way to Missoula is a beautiful drive (although I would worry about it in the winter). The road wiggles back and forth and back and forth with tall coniferous trees and a-not-quite raging river alternating sides of the road.

On the drive out I was thinking about the my first rule of writers retreat (see first sentence) and why I was having such a difficult time accepting that I was a writer. I am though. I’ve written here at Feed Your Skull for close to 3 years. Many years before that while in high school I kept an emo-journal filled with distressing poetry and macabre sketches. That too was writing. I’m not the kind of writer that any of my favorite literary heroes are, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a writer or that I won’t be that kind one day. If I choose to be.

The weather was great for the end of November and the drive was beautiful with temperatures in the lower 40s and no promise of rain, just an early sunset.

Two and a half hours on the road, but it seemed to go by quickly. Jeremy asked if I was excited to which I replied, not buzzing, but yes. He then asked if I was nervous to which I said no. I think I was just trying to live in the present without having expectations on what the next 5 days would bring let alone the next 5 hours.

Clearwater Women's Writer's Retreat | Day 1

Turning left onto the gravel driveway, we had arrived.

To be continued…

Quick Bites: Sun-kissed Cilantro and Basil Smoothie

SunkissedCilantroBasilSmoothieQuick bites–which I’m coining in relation to Feed Your Skull–as a fewer words, quick share of something delicious I’ve made recently.

Jeremy and I have been vying for blender privileges this week and yesterday I WON! :) So I threw in all the greens. We had a little cilantro, fresh basil from the farmers market, and kale. This was a lovely green smoothie with bright peach flavor softened just slightly by the herbs. If you haven’t tried basil with fruit–I highly recommend.

Ingredients: 2-4 cups kale, 3 small bananas, handful basil, 2-3 cups frozen peaches, handful cilantro, splash of orange juice, and water to desired thickness. Blend until smooth and enjoy.